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MRP New HR818 Diode Laser System and Handpiece

ZARIN HR818 Diode Laser System 16mm x 12mm Spot Size Handpiece - NEW!!

Nellcor Pulse Oximeter DS-100A Finger Clip ADULT Sensor

Nellcor Pulse Oximeter DS-100A Adult Finger Clip Sensor w Plugin Cord Connection

MRP SecretRF (RF microneedling) Fraxis Duo

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Overview Make Skin YOUNG Again -- Results you can SEE and FEEL Proven and effective RF Microneedling system for non-surgical wrinkle reduction, pore size reduction, scar treatments, and more. BETTER RESULTS -- After 6 years of clinical use, the new SECOND-generation system delivers incredible efficacy, allowing for better results on patients of all skin types. MORE CONTROL -- Gentle micromotor-controlled insertion, energy delivery via insultated or non-insulated needles, and a wide range of pulse durations (50ms - 950ms) LESS PAIN -- Most patients are treated without anesthesia by the only 2Mhz FDA-cleared system with ideally-spaced microneedles that are 20% slimmer FASTER RECOVERY -- Reduced risk of overlap, faster procedures (body applicator), and greater precision (line/scar cartridge) TWO HANDPIECES -- Standard and body handpiece can accept THREE cartridge configurations EASY TO USE -- System has presets for a variety of conditions AND you can save your own favorite settings

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